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PROs 500whp Turbo Upgrade Package


PROs has exclusively developed a package for Subaru customers that has resulted into a 400whp "PUMP GAS" street machine, without having to spend the extra funds for a "Rotated Kit". 

 This package will give you 150+whp over stock while still maintaining great driveability & reliability!

Our Package includes: 

 - Upgraded Stock Location Turbo

- Silicone Turbo Inlet

- Upgraded Injectors W/ PNP Adapters

- Upgraded in-tank Fuel Pump

- Billet TGV Deletes


You will only be able to get the full potential out of our kit if you already have the following upgrades 

  • Turbo back Exhaust 
  • Upgraded Intake System
  • COBB V3 Accessport W/ a PROTUNE 
  • Upgraded TMIC or FMIC
  • Upgraded Clutch
  • One Step Colder Spark Plugs


Applications :

Subaru STI 2004 - 2015 

Subaru WRX 2006 - 2014 

Attached below is a dyno run of our 2008 WRX with our package. Car was running race gas and 26psi to make 450whp & 420wtq on our MUSTANG DYNO ! 

What year and model is your Subaru ?

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