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Subaru owners are a unique nitch of drivers.Their cars are an extension of them and they want the whole package....... Power, Performance and ReliabilityAt "PROs" we know all the in(s) and out(s) about Subaru(s). We know their strengths and areas of concerns. We know the parts , we know the combination of parts and we install them with precision. 

Listed below is all the Subaru services we perform here at "PROs" 

  • Custom Engine Assembly and Replacement
  • All Suspension upgrades (Coilovers, Springs ,Sway bars, Bushings, etc.)
  • Clutch, Flywheel, Pressure plate and Differential upgrades
  • Turbo Upgrades (Anything from rotated mount or stock location) 
  • Fuel System Upgrades 
  • Pro Tuning for Acessports or Reflash done in-house on our Mustang Dynometer 
  • Cooling upgrades (Bigger Radiator , Oil Coolers , and Intercoolers) 
  • Interior installs ( Gauges , Harnesses , Seats)