One shop - unlimited capabilities.

We're the best in the business.

From more than 10 years, we've been leading the way - working to create the best one-stop speed shop for the automotive community. Take a look at the various services we offer below.

Automotive Customization

From simple bolt-on parts to completely custom powertrains, axle swaps, and chassis welding - no job is too big or small. Our staff can work with you to determine what parts or methods will work best to achieve your project goals. We have experience working on a wide variety of automotive environments including:

- Drag-strip
- Road-course/track
- Mild and wild street car setups
- Daily drivers

We have access to the vast majority of aftermarket parts tailored specifically for your vehicle and can truly take your project from start to finish.


PROs Tuning is uniquely situated to truly be the one-stop shop for your performance builds. Our facility is home to a wide range of fabrication equipment and specialties, including welding, CNC milling/lathe, plasma cutting, press brake/pipe bending, and more. Some of the more niche tasks we have experience with include:

- Custom powertrain mounts
- One-off exhaust/intake systems
- Rear end widening/shortening
- Custom suspension pick-up points
- Bespoke bracketry/mounting for components

Where there's no off-the-shelf part that'll work - we step in and fill the gap.

For more specifics of our manufacturing (CNC/production) capability, be sure to visit our Manufacturing page.

Dyno Tuning

PROs Tuning is famous for our 4WD Mustang Dynamometer affectionately known as the "Heartbreaker". No inflated numbers here - when your car makes 800 whp, it's a real 800 whp. Your car will do the real talking when it hits the drag strip.

We offer ECU calibration on a wide variety of vehicles, with an emphasis on late-model GM LS/LT platforms and Nissan VG/VQ. We also calibrate full standalone units (and also are authorized dealers) such as Holley EFI and Haltech.

We also offer dyno rental services (charged per hour) to get a baseline for your car or for your remote tuner of choice to dial in their tune.

Get in contact with us today for any questions and we'll be happy to answer!

Engine Building

The heart of every big build starts with the engine. Our expert engine builders have laid hands on the mildest motor rebuilds to the 1000+ hp showstoppers. From machine work to assembly, we meticulously ensure each motor is built to the highest of standards - utilizing OEM specifications and years of learned experience.

We are capable of building a large amount of popular engines including:

- General Motors LS/LT
- Nissan VG/VQ/VR
- Toyota JZ/UZ
- Honda B/D/F/K-series
- Ford Modular/Coyote
- Chrysler HEMI

If you're looking for a short block to get started or a fully-dressed long block, you came to the right place.


Want to know more about our services or other work we can do for you? Please reach out and get in touch - one of our staff will get back to you quickly.